Setore : A Cloth Donation Application

UX Case Study: Setore, A Clothe Donation Application


World Citizen is a humanitarian organization with a vision to help people who are suffering and provide them with some needed supplies. After a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape, World Citizen founders have decided to create an online clothes donation platform across your continent. Their goal is that anyone anywhere in your continent can be able to donate clothes easily.

My Role

Apply the design thinking UX process to the problem by

  • Empathizing with potential users
  • Defining the problem
  • Ideate the pain points
  • Prototype
  • Test the usability of the product.

Introducing Setore

The need to reach every nook and cranny of africa is fast becoming imperative as people are dying daily as a result of lack of clothes. Setore is designed to be customer-centric with the aim to retrieve clothes from
Donors and give them to the needy.

  • Setore allows anyone to donate from anywhere around the continent.
  • Setore allows cloths to be picked up at a users preferred location
  • Setore enables Donors to donate money equivalent of clothes
  • Our donors earn barges for donating clothes to the needy

The problem

  • Millions of people in Africa do not have access to good clothes.
  • Donors lack platform that allow them to give effectively
  • It is difficult reach donors who are willing to donate clothes

Research Method

In this study, I used a qualitative method to collect data. The data that was collected from potential users is a one on one interview which was used to empathize with the user and to discover their pain points.

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