The narrative behind inclusiveness goes beyond the depth and the complexity of a design. Its about simplifying, embracing and accommodating every fraction of a populace, including the underrepresented, and the next billion users.

I am Bamgboye Pelumi, I am a User experience designer who is passionate about providing solutions to problems by telling a compelling story backed up by research and critical thinking. with my background in research as a graduate student, I love to find a balance between both business and user needs. My core drive is inclusion and accessibility.

I have experience designing Software As a Service(Saas) Products and fintech Solutions, and with my wealth of experience, I have learned to work with a diverse team of product managers, developers, UX researchers, and Product Designers.

As an Open Source Contributor at Outreachy, I worked with Oppia Foundation on a User Experience Research and Go-to-market Strategy for an Edutech product that is targeted at students in underserved environments. During my time at Outreachy, I drafted a detailed research plan to test the effectiveness of Oppia lessons for Nigeria Native Languages and also conducted the research with more than 20 participants who meet the criteria for the study.

Beyond my professional career as a UX/UI Designer, I have worked in the Nigerian banking sector where I learned how to understand and manage customers in a way that they get the best experience possible within the bank. I have also had the opportunity to work within the telecommunication industry, giving me a wide range of transferable skills which are useful within the tech ecosystem.
I am also passionate about fashion and I used to own a fashion brand before I started a career in tech. I enjoy sports and watching documentaries whenever I am taking a break from work.

Pelumi Bamgboye

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Send me an email at bamgboyep@yahoo.com or connect with me on other social media applications. Let’s build the next amazing thing.