Hi, I am Oluwapelumi Bamgboye.
A User Support Technician and User Experience Designer

I am passionate about providing solution to problems by telling a compelling story backed up with research and critical thinking. with my background in research as a graduate student, I love to find a balance between both business and users need. My core drive are inclusion and accessibility.

Visual Design

Finding the balance between storytelling and visual prowess. I tell stories using visual design as a tool for communicating Ideas.

UX Research

Discovering a positive connection between the user and the product by taking a user's thoughts and feelings into account when designing the products.


Ensuring that every class of people can use the product I am designing by making it accessible to everyone.


BingHR Website

BingHR manages and automate people operations in one place—onboarding, off-boarding, and everything between.


Kolovest is a savings-advisor and micro-investment application that help students manage their income and change it to grow long-term wealth.


Egbe is a social media app that helps you stay connected and connect with friends. It provides no distractions from sales and marketing that is dominant on other social platforms. The primary goal is to drive communication without any form of distraction


An app that allows members to connect to church services from anywhere and enable member engagement in other church related activity.


Rolex is a digital marketing agency that requires a landing page that will convert a potential customer on the first visit to the website. Rolex goal is to help businesses scale through technology and marketing frameworks that works in a rapidly growing environment

Vaccineapp Website

Vaccine app is a platform that allows users to track their vaccination record, keep track of their medications, chat with an available doctor and communicate important information through blogs and articles.


SkinVille helps to solve this problem by providing genderless access to quality skincare consultation experience, where the user get to learn about their skin, how to choose a skincare product, and when and how to apply them.

Stock Capital

My first attempt at designing a cryptocurrency dashboard that enable the user to see the overview of their portfolio and also swap coins. 

Da8- A Mobile Dating App

Da8 is an interest and location based dating application that help people find the best date with special interest.

Etrash- A waist management disposal app

Etrash is the first project I worked on as a User interface designer to help me think creatively. Also, to serve as a stepping stone to learning the intricacy and nitty gritty of user interface and user experience design.

Design Thinking

I enjoy the  step by step process of understanding and humanizing users need to make a great and usable product.It provides an insight as to why, what and who I am designing for, by systematically practicing the 5 stages upon which the process is based.

The believe that the best way to understand what a user is by empathizing with their needs.

Determining what the problem is in a way that a suitable solution can be provided.

Visually representing ideated features through user flow, wireframes, and high fidelity.

Performing usability testing to determine if the final product is usable and accessible by the expected users.

Combining ideas from potential users, the stakeholders and everyone on the design team.

Get in touch with me ☺️

Send an email at bamgboyep@yahoo.com or connect with me on other social media applications. Let’s build the next amazing thing.